Can Natural Herbs Cure ED In Men?

The Erectile Dysfunction medical market is a billion dollar business. Heck even the DoD spends $84M a year on ED medication. That’s amazing right? But what I find most interesting is that the market may be somewhat artificial. What if there were natural, herbal cures that could solve the most common causes of ED? That sure would take a chunk of profit out of the medical community who promote ED drugs.

Interesting right?

Herbal Remedies Have Existed For Thousands of Years

Other cultures around the world, don’t rely on little blue pills to cure ED… they use items they find naturally such as vitamins and herbs that reduce the symptoms of ED and in some cases remove the causes.

Imagine how much profit would be lost if it was true that some common herbs, vitamins and minerals could do almost the same thing as an expensive pill? It is mind boggling.

Throughout history other cultures who have not embraced modern medicine have used botanical remedies to treat and sometimes even manage the symptoms of almost all ailments. From fever reduction, to removing a rash or healing a burn, there are natural herbs and plant extracts that have been used for thousands of years.

Common Causes Of ED

So it doesn’t take much imagination to see that there are probably herbal solutions, vitamins or even extracts that could increase blood flow and/or improve and increase sensitivity. That is pretty much common sense, yet it is a somewhat an uncommon belief.

It has been shown that reduced blood flow, and reduced sensitivity are the two most common causes of ED in men. It’s also been shown that many natural solutions of herbs, vitamins, minerals and nutrients can reduce the symptoms of low blood flow and lack of sensitivity. So it’s not much of a stretch to combine the two and conclude that these same herbal extracts can reduce the symptoms of ED. Simple right?

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I encourage my readers to always seek out natural, herbal remedies before seeking any sort of prescription or synthetic solution to any ailment. And of course speak to a medical professional before changing diet, exercise or changing medication.